Domestic Solar Panel Hot Water Heating Systems

With the increasing cost of gas and electricity, the decline in traditional energy resources and the concerns about global warming, domestic energy conservation is now a high priority.

Solar Power assisted gas BoilersSolar heating for domestic hot water heating systems is the now regarded as a leading green technology and is a viable solution throughout the UK. Solar technology is well-developed with a large choice of equipment to suit many situations. Solar water heating systems work alongside your conventional water heating system.

Solar energy not only benefits the environment, but also reduces your yearly heating costs. By using the sun’s energy to heat your hot water your household can save, on average, 50-60% of your annual bill.

One of the misconceptions regarding domestic solar power is that the systems may be difficult to maintain, but this is not actually the case. It is, however, important that you use professional, fully trained installers for any domestic solar power system in order to ensure that everything is fitted correctly.

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How Solar Energy Works

Solar energy works by using solar panels or slates which are usually positioned on the roof of the home. For maximum efficiency, the solar panels should be installed at a 45˚ degree angle on a southeast to southwest facing roof (or other suitable surface) and should not be overshadowed by trees or other obstructions. A typical installation in the UK would only require 2-4m² of roof space, so will certainly not be an eye sore. In any case, a modern solar power heating system uses discreet panels to blend in as much as possible with existing roofing.

There are three main components to a domestic solar power heating system – the solar panels, a heat transfer system and a hot water cylinder. The sun’s energy is collected by the solar panels (energy collectors) and a fluid is pumped around a sealed system to an indirect heating coil in a hot water cylinder. Heat is exchanged between the collector fluid and your domestic hot water, just like a boiler is used to heat your water.

The solar heating works alongside your boiler, reducing the need for the boiler to heat your domestic hot water. The existing cylinder is exchanged for a cylinder with two heat exchanger coils; one from the boiler in the property and a second from the solar panels.

Solar Power assisted gas Boilers